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DJ Software Company’s first software create two decades before. It was full of dance floors and sound systems for house functions and different parties, bars, and beaches. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3 provides this fun first time in the music field. We provide you with the latest tools for sonic sculpting and advanced sound quality with the clean interface mode to date – so you can easily play anything you want, wherever you wish.

Stay In Sync

TRAKTOR is not only for sharpening your beatmatching skills, but also you mix genres and bridge BPMs by allowing TRAKTOR PRO 3 to do some work. Pressing the Synchronizing button gets your beat-matched tracks, so you will have much time to experiment with your mix.

Remix with loop, Hotcuse, and Beatjumps

For those who want to put their stamp on a set, the industry’s most dependable and smooth loop and beat jump tools allow you to chop and edit tracks whatever you like. Unless you want to crop things up outside of the beat, TRACTOR will enable you never to skip out of the trench.


Modifying your tracks with over-instinctive and high-quality effects, TRAKTOR’s popular Deck FX enables you to rotate and screw your tracks with an unlimited variation new Mixer FX introduces easy control on each channel. You can turn up, down, on, and off for sonic exploration that’s out of a world plugin.

New Interface

We’ve maintained TRAKTOR’s user interface for clarity by sharpening and flattening it so you can see everything in no time. This software has a function of parallel waveforms. The term new metering means you can straightly get your mixed music with full visual feedback.

New Mixer Fx Function

Heavy drops and smooth transitions that describe your style, new Mixer FX are made for one-knob modulation with big-sounding results. Choose three new filters and effects to assign to each channel, in addition to TRAKTOR’s popular Deck FX.

Scratch with any  soundcard

TRAKTOR SCRATCH includes TRAKTOR PRO 3 out of the box. It means that DVS DJs using vinyl can use soundcards they like. TRAKTOR SCRATCH Certified Soundcards and mixers. If you’re playing back-to-back music with someone on a different device traktor can use it.

Is Traktor Pro free?

TRAKTOR DJ 2 is a DJ app is free of cost. You have an unlimited track collection with SoundCloud and Go+ integration. You have the choice to choose the next play with Traktor’s song recommendations. You will get everything on a laptop or iPad.

Do any DJs use Traktor?

You can see multiple big names DJs with Traktor. If you follow the NI page on Instagram. Joris Varoon and Rebeca are my favorite musician in the DJ field who use Traktor.

What DJ software does Martin garrix use?

When a Dutch producer joins it. Martin Garrix prefers image line Fl studio instead of canvas for his music creation. Garrix explained about multiple versions of Fl studio when he hasn’t used all his samples and synths in single version.

Traktor Pro License Key Features


How to install Traktor Pro Latest Version?

  • First Uninstall the Previous Version
  • Click the link below
  • Enjoy your Dj Traktor Pro
  • For downloading Ableton

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