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LANDR Chromatic Vst Synth Plugin is the new instrument called “artist generated”, developed by renowned developers like D smoke and Arianne Moffatt. This plugin has the same features as the advanced plugin Arcade which allows users to play loops and also samples by using a MIDI keyboard, at the same time black keys influence the sound in a number of ways which may be reversing and modifying the length of the sample loop.

A new feature is that LANDR will help the sound creators group/packs for the instrument to get an advantage from royalties/sponsors from the music created by using their packs.

With the new approach, LANDR say, Chromatic will fastly integrate royalty splits for developers who are providing audio sets and those who use them in their projects can generate enough/potential income for creators which enable artists to collaborate and interchange in different way. It will work as an interesting asset and artists can enhance their recording sets and increase their rewards.

This landr vst plugin can be found as a part of LANDR’s with all new process of subscription which includes AI mastering and further distribution of music. You can learn more about Chromatic from our website

Is landr Chromatic Paid or free?

Chromatic sets are royalty free or not? Yes, All the samples of LANDR which includes Chromatic sets and loops are royalty free which means tracks created by you are your property.

How we can download Chromatic?

How to install Chromatic? Firstly, you have to download the installer and follow the directions given in the installation wizard.

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